ArtBox 53

Brigitte Kowanz has developed a site-specific installation for the ArtBox in the MuseumsQuartier. “The return of the endlessly modified self” (Jean-Luc Nancy) – real and virtual space merge into one another.

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Artist Studios 47

Since the beginning of 2003, international artists who do not normally reside in Austria have the opportunity to live and work at quartier21 as Artists-in-Residence. By now, eight live/work studios are available in the MQ complex.


Artistic Bokeh initially first presented itself at the Coded Cultures Festival in Vienna, although the initiative was already active before. Researching and developing new documentation formats, conducting experiments and using “documentation as a method”, Artistic Bokeh currently works as subdivision of the project Artistic Technology Research at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

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ASIFA AUSTRIA´s artlab interfacing animated film and fine arts. A tomography of Austria’s animationfilmscene is presented in a diversified sequence of artist-portrayals. ASIFA AUSTRIA is the autonomic national organisation of the international ASIFA, the Association Internationale du Film d’Animation.

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biber 24

biber (the Turkish and Serbo-Croat word for pepper) is an Austrian magazine that reports directly from the multi-ethnic community - and in doing so presents exciting and incisive aspects of Vienna never before been seen in a German-language magazine. biber reflects the attitude towards life of a new generation, without wielding the moral cudgel of integration.

Broken Rules 50

Computer games are one of the youngest forms of digital culture. There are big players and convinced independents. Broken Rules are Indie Game makers. They collaborate and cooperate with artists of such diverse areas as music, acting and illustration, to realize virtual worlds.

Buchhandlung Walther König 25

Walther Koenig Books is a bookstore with a wide international stock of titles on modern and contemporary art, catalogues, art history, architecture, arts and crafts, design, fashion, photography, film and theory. Walther Koenig Books at MuseumsQuartier closely cooperates with the headquarters in Cologne.

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Cliptease 16

Cliptease is a design agency, mainly working in TV design and all sorts of motion graphics. For broadcast and commercial clients Cliptease creates a wide range of branding, promotion and advertising goodies. They conceptualize, design, direct and produce - Cliptease is all about seduction.

Combinat 44

A room for interaction of various disciplines and genres. A place for activities and events, an intermediate space of design and fine arts. Temporary exhibitions of two-dimensional format – paintings, photography, illustrations and commercial arts, as well as exciting collections from new designers to be shown temporarily.

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designforum Wien 42

designforum Wien is a service, information, and competence center. Conceived as a place of dialogue, designforum promotes the outspoken contemplation of design. It views itself as a place offering opportunities to analyze, compile, and prepare design-relevant themes for a broad public, present them in various forms, and discuss them.

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EDUCULT is an NGO based in Vienna and your partner in the domains of culture, education and policy. Dialogue is essential – therefore we include discussion-based methods and involve relevant stakeholders into our work whenever applicable. Our interdisciplinary competences and our international network of experts allow us to design a concept tailored to your needs.


EIKON is a quality international quarterly exploring photography and media art. Ever since its founding in 1991, the magazine has featured well-researched articles as well as extensive illustrations in each issue, around 90 pages in length. The journal is published by the Österreichisches Institut für Photographie und Medienkunst (ÖIP). The journal appears in both German and English.

EIKON Schaufenster 28

With its own exhibition space, EIKON International Magazine for Photography and Media Art provides a unique opportunity to make Austrian photography and media art accessible to the public. As a supplement to the magazine, this site serves as a presentation platform where regularly changing exhibitions are realized.

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The eSeL REZEPTION is an information bureau on arts, an exhibition space, and a micro shop. It provides diverse input for an “intelligent discussion” about contemporary art. Through the presence of the eSeL team on site, the REZEPTION conveys, reflects, develops and documents changes in the arts through media culture.

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f.e.a forum experimentelle architektur 45

The forum experimentelle architektur views itself as an independent initiative for trends in architecture in Austria and nearby countries. Their activities range from publications, symposiums, and excursions to public installations as well as exhibitions. An important focus is to view architecture and fine arts in the context of other disciplines.

freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL 7

The 'freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL' exhibition series is presented in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Europe, Integration and Foreign Affairs and other partners. 'freiraum quartier21 INTERNATIONAL' shows international exhibition projects with the contribution of Artists-in-Residence as part of quartier21. Admission is free.


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Fulbright Commission 5

The purpose of the Fulbright Program is to promote 'mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the peoples of other countries'. The Fulbright Program provides grants for Austrian graduates or scholars to study, teach, or pursue research in the U.S., and for U.S. citizens to engage in similar activities in Austria.

Gruppe Or-Om 40

The strictly virtual non profit Group OR-OM© for an evolution in arts, science, and social formations presents critical multi-media installations to stimulate extensions in art theory, logics, epistemology and the globalization of mankind within the framework of a new fundamental science and universalistic humanism.

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ImPulsTanz - Vienna International Dance Festival 19

Since its founding in 1984, ImPulsTanz has become one of the most important meeting places of the international contemporary dance scene. Each summer in the months July and August ImPulsTanz transforms Vienna into the European capital of contemporary dance. ImPulsTanz - that's performances, research projects and workshops.

insert (Theaterverein) 46

insert (Theaterverein) are Doris Uhlich (choreographer, dancer, performer) and her production team Christine Sbaschnigg (management, production) and Alexandra Schröttner (production). insert’s projects are contemporary dance performances with varying contents, functions and people.

KABINETT comic passage 2

In the KABINETT comic passage located in the passage between Mariahilfer Strasse and Fürstenhof exhibitions dedicated to various forms of the combination of words and images (in common parlance: comics) are held. The passage comprises two and a half gallery spaces and a vending machine containing the publications accompanying the exhibitions.

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Komische Künste 9

Komische Künste organize cartoon exhibitions in Vienna, to allow people to admire the works of cartoonists and caricaturists. In their Comic Art Shop, a place for people with sense of humour, they sell cartoon originals, selected cartoon reprints, books, gifts and more than 500 cartoon postcards.

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liquid frontiers 20

The label liquid frontiers works as an independent tool for conceiving and realizing projects and products in various fields of contemporary creativity such as visual arts, architecture, design, visual communication and the new media. Its sphere of action ranges from conceiving innovative forms of exhibitions and events to art/design consulting and developing media and brand concepts.

LITERATURpassage 1

Opened in October 2013, the LITERATURpassage leads from Mariahilferstrasse into the MQ complex. Passersby passing through the passage can explore aspects of the city as questioned, examined, and imaginatively reassembled in writings of contemporary writers from Central and Southeastern Europe. Presenting new selections of texts on a regular basis, the city’s reading room is a place for both production and reception, a place in the city where you can go to read the city. The changing exhibitions are accompanied by a series of publications called Reihe mit Vorsatz (“series with a purpose”) assembling writings by contemporary authors and offered for sale on site in the customer service vending machine. The LITERATURpassage is curated by textfeld südost and Edition Atelier.

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Math is an integral part of modern culture. The exhibitions and events at are conceived as interactive forums for experiential knowledge to prove this point. is a center for the popularization of math for everyone between the age of 4 and 120.

Meteoritenpassage 43

The Meteoritenpassage connects the MQ directly and symbolically with the neighboring Museum of Natural History. The central theme of the passage explores how present-day scientific museums evolved out of 18th- and 19th-century mineral collections and classification systems. Each poster from the on-site vending machine comes with a changing artistic miniature booklet.

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monochrom 35

monochrom is an art-technology-philosophy group of basket weaving enthusiasts and theory do-it-yourselfers. monochrom is an unpeculiar mixture of proto-aesthetic fringe work, pop attitude, subcultural science and political activism. monochrom publishes the book of the same name in addition to its activity in other areas. monochrom is an open field of experimentation.

Ovalbüro 48

The creative wormhole of the MQ: design offices orange moon, Ympress, photo studios MEINRADphotography and saramaria form a creative office community. orange moon offers Identity Design to small and medium-sized companies: graphic design, naming, texting, interior design and web design.

Pen's Bungalow 3

Everyone has them, those places where we once were and want to return some day. When we do, the places are no longer the same. has allied itself with the principle of transfigured memory. Without quoting memory, the actual objective is to create places and times of intensity.

Sun and Monclosed
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A hybrid space, the core of which forms a 1,70 x 6 x 2,50m aluminium box suspended from the ceiling of the room housing 70 different frames. Throughout the year PERFEKT BOX functions as an exhibition space, a gallery, a concept store and a resident studio for young emerging talents while also providing a platform for interdisciplinary intercourse. Sexual or otherwise. A rocket launcher for ideas, also.

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Photoautomat 52

Analog Photo Booth from the Sixties at MQ Main Court. After Andy Warhol, Samuel Becket, Alberto Giacometti or André Breton: become a do-it-yourself artist and get your black and white picture taken. Let your imagination run free in the intimate atmosphere of the unique analog photo booth.

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q/uintessenz 38

q/uintessenz fights for the restoration of civil rights in the digital realm. This means e.g. the freedom to communicate without being eavesdropped and to move through the streets of our cities without being monitored. Citizens have a right to be left alone, to shop or communicate anonymously, to determine how personal data is stored and used.

Quartier für Digitale Kultur 40

The Quartier für Digitale Kultur is dedicated to the establishment and operation of a center for digital culture in Vienna and offers an open platform for partnerships in the field of digital art and culture. Together with quartier21/MQ, QDK operates a fully equipped event and discussion space for topics and projects relating to digital culture.

Raum D / quartier21 40

The „Quartier für Digitale Kultur“(QDK) and the quartier21/MQ jointly operate a fully equipped event and discourse room for digital culture topics and projects. The room is also available for co-operation projects designed by groups, initiatives and institutions that are not QDK members.

Say Say Say, Inc. 33

Say Say Say, Inc. is a creative studio focusing on Art Direction, Branding and Digital Communication. The studio is operating between Vienna, Paris and New York.

SCHAURAUM Angewandte 36

With the SCHAURAUM Angewandte, teaching staff and graduates from the Institute of Fine and Media Art in the University of Applied Arts Vienna provide insights into both their “digital studios” and artistic strategies through changing exhibitions, presentations and discussions. Curators: Ruth Schnell, Wolfgang Fiel and visiting curators.

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Johannes Schlebrügge founded the publishing house SCHLEBRÜGGE.EDITOR in 2002. In addition to art catalogues, Schlebrügge publishes art books and artists’ books that are developed as projects in close collaboration with the artists and authors.

springerin 23

springerin is a magazine for criticism and theory on contemporary culture and is conceived for a readership that perceives culture as a social and political phenomenon. springerin provides information on current events and trends in the arts business and describes their conditions and meanings.

SR-Archiv and Musiktank 33

SRA was founded in 1993 and provides free information on Austrian pop music to the public. In an extensive database, SRA offers comprehensive information on artists of the past and present. In addition to the public archive and online database, the information office also functions as a contact point for everything related to Austrian music.

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Station Rose 30

The artists Elisa Rose and Gary Danner are online since 1991. After 21 years, Station Rose - pioneers of Digital Culture - installed a permanent location in Vienna again. Station Rose is a walkable interface between digital and analog art. Exhibitions, mixed-media-installations, live A/V-performances, and theory are on the agenda.

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In this passageway an independent team of curators presents regularly changing exhibitions of international Street Art. The permanent design of the passage has been conceived by the renowned French street artist Invader. Each exhibition is accompanied by an issue of “betonblumen” magazine, which is available at a vending machine on site.

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The shop displays and sells hard- and software from 40 years of digital game history as well as artefacts of game- and pop-culture such as fashion, literature, music, street art and gadgets from around the world. SUBOTRON organizes 'arcademy' and 'pro games', internationally renowned events discussing theory and practice of digital games with topics from the fields of science, economy and art, and consequently supports the establishment of the Austrian gaming community.

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Team Teichenberg 37

Teichenberg is a project office that develops and pioneers projects at the crossroads of cultural, scientific and technological fields. Hybrid practices, postmodern models and open technologies define Teichenberg’s methods. Since 2002 the team members contribute to Teichenberg with their interests, experience and knowledge.

THE STASH beyond collectables 39

“THE STASH beyond collectables” is a store, a meeting place, and a showroom. It is a place where images, light objects, paintings and all kinds of other objects are displayed. Artist Martin Markeli makes big electric racetracks, lovingly designs landscapes for them, and works on improving racetrack technology.

Tonkünstler Kartenbüro & Grafenegg 21

The ticket office of the Tonkünstler Orchestra in the MuseumsQuartier is an important meeting place for “Niederösterreich Kultur”. In the office on the mezzanine floor of quartier21 you can purchase tickets for all the Tonkünstler’s concerts in Vienna, St.Pölten and Grafenegg.

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TONSPUR_passage 41

The series TONSPUR presents a changing selection of sound art pieces by international artists for the public space at MQ Vienna. Their multichannel sound installations overturn common stereo images and create walk-in audio spaces. Taking the physical architecture of the passage as a starting point, a virtual architecture is build from sound.

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Transforming Freedom 4

Transforming Freedom is a radar for digital culture. It scans the electronic airwaves for exemplary voices and documents of recent decades and uses the latest technologies to broadcast its own programs. It examines the background of the major cultural transformations of our time from the perspective of the inventors and originators.

Tricky Women 22

Tricky Women has been known for its successful arts events and interdisciplinary programs since 1991. Special attention is given to women in art, culture and science with an emphasis on film and video in the context of gender discourse. Tricky Women organizes cultural programs, lectures, discussions, and festivals.

Typopassage Wien 8

The Typopassage Wien is a micro museum for typography. Though often a matter of fact and not perceived consciously, lettering is one of the most important cultural media in the world. The freely accessible passage presents typographical design processes from the first conceptual idea to the final typeface itself.

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VIS Vienna Independent Shorts 6

VIS Vienna Independent Shorts, Austria’s biggest international short film festival, was founded in 2004 and takes place annually in May/June in Vienna. The festival focuses on live-action, documentary, animated and experimental shorts with a maximum length of 30 minutes and presents them within competition as well as curated programmes.

White Castle Games 15

White Castle develops creative concepts focusing on the children, families, infotainment, and edutainment. The concepts include games of all kinds of games, scripts for film and television as well as children’s books. We promote inventors with workshops and make them and their products ready for the market.

Tue and Thu9:00-14:00
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Wien Web2.0 34

Wien Web2.0 installation shows that the collaboration and networking among Web 2.0 enthusiasts not only takes place online but there are also remarkable initiatives where people get together offline, help each other, discuss topics and solve problems - such as Digitalks, Barcamps, Webmondays or accessible media gatherings.

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Wiener Taschenoper 12

Voice, music, live electronics, light and video: The Wiener Taschenoper experiments in the areas of music theater, multimedia performance, and contemporary dance. Beyond the confrontation of prominent positions of contemporary composition, it also explores traditional forms of music theater: old operas, operettas, and musicals.

[think.difference] 34

[difference:] is an internationally operating research and development office. We advise, coach, and accompany state and civil society organizations in integration and diversity agendas at local, regional and national level and to develop solution-oriented programs, policies and strategies.